Motion Designer
& Illustrator

Howdy! I'm Jose, and I help bold businesses and entrepreneurs craft kickass brands.


The Process

01. Discovery

Like Sherlock Holmes, I'm here to investigate and uncover any insights to help your project succeed. That means looking for hidden clues and identify any problems in order to help you achieve your goals.

02. Scope

You won't find buried treasure without a map. It's a good thing I'm a map maker. I'll provide a plan with everything we discuss including a project timeline to help us stay on course, and help you strike gold.

03. Create

How are logos and websites made? Simple. Magic! So with the wave of a wand, a few invoked spells, and a lot of coffee, you can rest assured your project is in good hands as we pull this rabbit out of our hat.

04. Feedback

I'm your official unlicensed therapist and I'm am here to listen. I want to make sure  you have the best experience, and through constant communication, I'll make sure to take carer of all your brand needs.

05. Execute

‍The world is about to see the best gosh darn (insert project here) ever! All deliverables have been sent over and are ready to go live. Depending on the project, a post-launch analysis will be available to ensure all the lights are on and working.